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Welcome to the Explain It Page!

About the Website :

Your student council recognizes there were needs of the student body, and we wanted to provide answers to you. 

These are just a few of the many things we would like to assist you with :

  • Who to go to in order to see your GPA

  • How to fundraise for school trips

  • Local jobs available for teenagers

  • Finding a Church that meets your needs

  • School News & Updates

  • Real time weather

  • What clubs are offered and how to sign up

  • Updates about USM (University Student Ministry)

  • More information about sports

We look forward to providing updated information for all of your needs. Refer to the links below to outline each individual page!

- UCS Student Council

Clubs 4 U Page :

       If you are interested in joining a club, you can go to this page and find all the information you need. We have many clubs for you to join and would love for you to check them out! If you have an idea for a new club, place your request in the "Contact Us" page. We hope that you can find the right club for you! Contact us with any questions @


Call-Out Page :

       The Call-Out page was designed to give all students a voice in school! Each student will have the opportunity to submit an opinion form to the Student Council for review. Each form provides the Student Council with new ideas on how to develop and expand student life at UCS. We want YOU to get the most out of your student life at UCS, and that starts here!


Contact Us Page :

       The Contact Us page was created for anyone who has a question or concern about something listed on the website! Whether it is a simple question or a more in-depth question, we want to help you find the answer. This forum is for parents and students, and we look forward to serving you!


UC News Page :

       The University Christian News Network is a new addition to the student life at UC! Each week, UC news catches you up on what is happening on campus! We want EVERYONE to be fully informed with a little humor added to it! 

Fundraising Page :

       The fundraising page was created to provide every student at UC with the opportunity to raise money on their own. While the fundraiser system is ONLY to be used for SCHOOL RELATED activities, it can be very useful for the individual student. This fundraiser was created so students could raise money for class trips, sports fees, uniforms, athletic equipment, school supplies, and so much more. If the school is planning a school wide fundraiser, it will also be posted on the fundraising page. For more details, you can click the tab below to be transferred directly to the fundraising page! Thank you!


UC History Page :

       We want each student to be fully informed and in the know about UC History. When was the school built? Why it was built? Are there any Famous Alumni? If there are questions about the school, we want to be able to answer them. You can find this information and more about the school by clicking the tab down below! 


Student Page :

       The Student Page was created to provide a direct route to websites that can help and guide you to a successful future. These websites consist of a GPA Calculator, Career Finder, Resume Creator, a list of Top Christian Colleges, a Church Finder, Local Job Page, Local Volunteer Page, Real Time Weather, finding a Sports Team, signing up for Student Ministries at UC, and so much more! We look forward to this page having a major impact on you here at UCS. Click the tab below to view the Student Page!


Donate Page :

The donate page was created for sports teams and school wide fundraisers. This online fundraiser was found to be a much easier and more efficient way to raise money. Each cause and reasoning for the fundraiser is specified on the donate page. If you don't see your sports team on the donate page, then it may not be their time to fundraise. Each team is given two weeks to fundraise for their team. If you are wanting to donate to a team that is not specified on the donate page, you can contact us directly on the "Contact Us" page. Any donation is greatly appreciated, and we are thankful for everyone who donates!


Discussion Page :

The discussion page was created for all students to receive information and updates from the school on a day to day basis. Each student has his or her own personalized account. Our goal is to keep students updated at all times, and we hope to achieve that with this new web page. Check it out by clicking the tab below!


UCS Student Council Page :

       The UCS Student Council is committed to giving each and every student the BEST year possible! This is our mission. On this page, you will be able to see who is representing your grade this year. This is very important to pay attention to. If you have a question or concern about the Student Council and or their members, you can submit a question form under

"Contact Us". Click the tab below to find out who is representing you this year!

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