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National Honor Society
Application Form

We are excited to see that you want to join the UCS National Honor Society! Below, you will find the application for NHS. You will also find the Teacher Recommendation form listed below. Both required forms are google docs forms. You can copy the link and email it to your teacher for them to fill out. You need

(3) Teacher Recommendations, a

3.5 GPA, and a minimum of two in school activities and two out of school activities to qualify for NHS. 

Returning Students Due Date : May 22nd, 2023

New Students Due Date : September 1st, 2023

Filling out the application and paying your fee doesn't confirm you into the National Honor Society. Once you submit your application it will go under review to make sure you meet the requirements of the NHS. If you are admitted into the NHS further information will then be provided to you. If you do not get admitted you will receive a full refund of your application fee.


Please select all that apply :

Student Pledge of Intention :

I am aware that it is my responsibility to turn in all materials on time. This includes verifying that all of my recommendation forms have been given to Mrs. Trigg or Mr. Steiner by those individuals from whom I requested recommendations. In addition, I understand that handing in all materials on time does not mean automatic acceptance into the National Honor Society. 

If accepted into the National Honor Society, I promise to attend all meetings (unless previously excused through notification by email to Mrs. Trigg or Mr. Steiner), pay my dues and perform a minimum of 15 hours of service each year on activities sponsored by, or sanctioned by the National Honor Society. I understand that including the National Honor Society on my college applications and receiving recognition at graduation is contingent upon my performance of these obligations. 

Thanks for applying! You will hear from an NHS Representative soon!

Student Recommendation Form

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Thanks for submitting your recommendation!

NHS Application Form

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